Tristan has composed multiple singer songwriter pieces sharing thoughts on love, relationships, and finding the places we can call home.

O U T  O N  T H E  W A T E R

Out in the light of the sun
Float in the waves that pull me close
Where I can feel at home
Touch the sand beneath my toes
Under the wind that whips away
I have found my peace at last
When I’m out on the water.

Chorus from “Out on the Water” by Tristan Miedema

Miedema’s newest song, “Out On The Water,” speaks of Lake Red Rock, the largest lake in his home state of Iowa. The lyrics recall memories of the surrounding environment family, and the emotions he felt while “on the water.” Beginning as only a final project idea for a capstone liberal arts course, this piece really came to life through his memoir of the lake and all it had to offer him growing up.

W H E N  T H E  W O R L D  S T O P S

“When The World Stops” speaks to the longing we feel for lost loved ones and the yearning for the day we can see the face to face again. After losing a cousin at the age of 21, this piece was a musical response to the great hardship Tristan’s family felt after mourning the loss of a young and vibrant individual

Video recording coming soon.

I ‘ L L  S T A N D

His first song, “I’ll Stand” is about being true to yourself when others say not to. After having experienced broken and unhealthy relationships, this piece became a rock to stand on as Tristan waded the waters of self-discovery, confidence, and loving himself.

Video recording coming soon.

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